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The Quest for the Perfect Napkin

A couple walked into a fine restaurant expecting an enjoyable dinner for their anniversary. An immaculately dressed maitre d' seats them. Then with a dramatic flick of the wrist, the maitre d' unfolds and hands the diner ... a stained napkin! As the diner moves in for a closer look, the enticing aromas from the kitchen are replaced by a pungent, sour smell coming from the napkin. This moment of truth destroys the mood for fine food.

Sounds horrible, but it happens. Restaurants spend small fortunes creating the right menu and ambiance. And nothing can kill it faster than poorly laundered linen. Below is a list all of the hurdles that can come between you and the perfect napkin. Using a linen supply company assures these hurdles are cleared.

The quest for napkin quality is never-ending. The restaurateur may not notice some of the problems immediately, yet they can result in noticeable conditions. For example, discoloration results in mismatched napkins on a table. Here are some other factors that can cause imperfect napery:
  • Static Electricity: Caused by improper processing
  • Stains: Leaves a negative impression on customers
  • Stretched: Altered to the point they are no longer square
  • Rough Finishes: Caused by improper processing
  • Picks and Snags: Eventually will cause tears
  • Starch and Sizing Problems: Affect the fabric's "hand" -- the way it feels -- and whether it is perceived as too stiff or too limp

Source: Textile Rental Services Association of America (TRSA)