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Welcome to our corporate news page.  Please come back often as we will be updating this page with information on new products and services. We also invite you to visit the Industry News section to find out about the latest trends and information on facilities management.

January 13, 2010
Dust Control System What’s the Dust-Tex Dust Control System? It’s a system prepared, planned and customized to meet all tha cleaning needs. You receive in your company, business, store or office igh quality products that will provide the best dust control tools in the market in a quick and easy way. Through a flat rent system the Dust-Tex licnsee in your area will provide all the sweeping mops, treated mops, dust cloths and door mats needed to meet your cleaning needs. These products are delivered according to a periodical service plan that consists of exchanging the used products for clean and conditioned ones every 7, 14 or 28 days, depending on your needs. Benefits of the Dust-Tex Dust Control System The low renting costs of the Dust-Tex products allows to reduce maintenance costs up to 33%. Not only does the customer enjoy the best cleaning products in the market, but also eliminates unnecessary product stock. Dust-Tex is in charge of replacement and conditioning. It’s important to take into account that our effective Dust Control System enhances the shine of floors and reduces the wear and cleaning frequence of carpets and floors, prolonging their useful life. Dust-Tex Dust Control System helps to eliminate dust by reducing the particles of dust suspended in the air, what leads to eliminating germs and bacteria that cause allergies and illnesses. A clean environment generates a positive image, and a positive image means good businesses.
November 04, 2009
We have taken on a project to fully update all of our present equipment to more compatable and fully automated with the state of the art cumputer system. We will be fully up and running by the middle of March. Please look for all updated information along with pictures of the equipment during that period. Project has been completed. See link below. Thanks
October 21, 2009
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